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Greenville SC Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

We help active women be strong, fit, and pain-free through total body health and wellness.

If you're looking for a pelvic floor physical therapist that can help ease your pains and incontinence, we can help you!

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Are you tired of dealing with pain or leaking? Are you missing out on activities that should be fun and enjoyable?

Not sure if this is for you? Don't waste time trying to fix it yourself when you could get results that last forever. You may have tried other doctors or even physical therapy, but didn't get the results you were looking for. We understand and want to help you get answers. If you'd like to gain clarity on what may be causing your problem, confidence that we can help you, and to make sure we're the best fit for you, a Healthy Body Consult is the perfect starting point.

Your Journey to Optimal Health Starts Here

Assess the cause

Your pelvic floor physical therapist will determine the root cause of your symptoms through a full history, thorough physical examination and movement assessment, and special tests.


Control your symptoms

Once your symptoms have subsided, through education, lifestyle modifications, muscle retraining, and specialized interventions like manual therapy, dry needling, and real time ultrasound. 


Optimize your health & lifestyle

Exceed your health and lifestyle goals through Clinical Pilates, strength and conditioning, and personalized exercise programs! 

Specializing in All of Your Women's Health Needs


Addressing all Pelvic Floor Issues including, but not limited to, incontinence, pelvic pain, pelvic organ prolapse, diastasis rectus abdominis, low back and hip pain, and pain with sexual activity.


Addressing all pregnancy related pain including pelvic pain, pubic symphysis dysfunction, and back and hip pain. Have a pain free and healthy pregnancy, prepare for labor & delivery, and return to your activities after delivery with our postpartum recovery program. 


Optimal treatment and management of all injuries including back and neck pain.


1:1 Clinical Pilates sessions and Individualized small group classes to make improvements in: posture, flexibility, muscle strength, control, balance and core and pelvic floor strengthening.


Our treatment sessions provide patients with specialized one-on-one care.

Ready to be Birth Ready & Beyond?!

Learn how to best prepare your body and mind for labor and delivery!

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Life Changing Testimonials!

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What patients are saying...

"I highly recommend Body Works! Ashley has done an amazing job with hand picking top notch staff to help you feel comfortable and reach whatever goal you have in a personalized way. I immediately felt like I had chosen the right place as soon as I walked into the door. Within a few months of working with Body Works my back issues have improved drastically. Something I never thought I’d be able to say. These ladies are great to work with and know exactly how to help you! Go see them!"

Andrea Derrick

"Dr. Ashlee is amazing. She provides a thorough evaluation so you know exactly what you need to work on. The exercises she gives are manageable but effective and provide results. She's also a genuinely nice person that cares about her patients. I am glad I am no longer in any pain that necessitates PT but I miss my visits!"

Kelley Collins

"Ashlee helped me greatly with my chronic shoulder pain and diastasis recti. She is very thorough, spending a lot of time each visit making sure the exercises are right for me and that I am doing them properly. She works hard to make sure you can see a difference over the course of her care. I highly recommend her!"

Ilaria O'Keefe

"Dr. Ashlee is a passionate women’s health physical therapist! She loves helping mamas thrive and it is evident in the education she provides. Her classes and her in person physical therapy are top notch! I highly recommend her for your pregnancy and postpartum care!"

Rachael Elizabeth

"I had such a great experience at Body Works Physical Therapy. I felt very intimidated by the thought of going to physical therapy, but when I arrived, I immediately felt welcomed by the whole crew. Elizabeth taught me to correct things I’ve been doing wrong my entire life, from breathing to my posture. I can honestly say the pain is gone and I’ve gained so much strength in my core in only 9 weeks. I highly recommend anyone who has any issues with their core at all to check them out. And Monika will make you some great coffee!"

Colleen Vaughn

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