About Us

Dr. Ashlee De Nooy, PT, DPT

Owner & Founder at Body Works Women’s Health & Wellness


Dr. Ashlee graduated from Bradley University in Peoria, IL with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2011. She devoted 7 years in outpatient orthopedics, including musculoskeletal and neuromuscular impairments, and the geriatrics population. Dr. Ashlee has been to several manual therapy courses for the upper and lower extremities and spine through Evidence in Motion, has been certified in Astym® to treat tendinopathies, is a certified clinical instructor through the APTA, and has received special training in headaches, as well as management and treatment of vestibular disorders, such as BPPV. Treating patients in an outpatient orthopedics setting focused heavily on manual therapy has paired well with Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.

When Dr. Ashlee was pregnant with her first son she experienced significant low back and sacroiliac joint pain. Both of these problems lingered on after giving birth and into her second pregnancy two years postpartum sparking an interest in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, specifically pregnancy and postpartum. Following the birth of her second son, she decided to take the APTA’s Fundamentals of Pregnancy and Postpartum, which confirmed her passion and drive to help women to feel their best during and after pregnancy. After working in an outpatient setting and not getting to spend the time she wanted or needed with each patient and seeing insurance denials and limited amounts of visits dictated by insurance, Dr. Ashlee decided to start Body Works Women’s Health & Wellness where she could provide patient’s with individualized one on one care without restrictions. 

Dr. Elizabeth Eldridge, PT, DPT, OCS


Elizabeth Eldridge, PT, DPT, OCS has had a passion for women’s health and wellness ever since she learned about the pelvic floor in physical therapy school. Mentors advised her to focus on orthopedics first to build a strong foundation because no one is just a pelvic floor or just an abdomen. And so she did!

Dr. Elizabeth graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science from Presbyterian College, and then she received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Emory University.  After graduation, Dr. Elizabeth completed a residency and became a certified orthopedic specialist. She then dove headfirst into studying more about women’s health, and she feels she has found her calling! Helping individuals who feel they have fallen through the cracks, who are confused and scared about their symptoms, who are embarrassed, who have been silently suffering, who need encouragement, and who need to carve out some time for themselves for the first time in years is the true reason that she loves working in women’s health specializing in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.

Dr. Elizabeth loves serving individuals through Body Works Women’s Health & Wellness and helping to advance the field of women’s health.  In her free time, Dr. Elizabeth enjoys being with her two kids and husband, exercising, exploring a new park, and eating chocolate chip cookies.  

Dr. Lydia Glass, PT, DPT


Dr. Lydia Glass, PT, became interested in women’s pelvic health when she was pregnant with her daughter. She experienced several common urinary complaints/symptoms during pregnancy and postpartum. Following the birth of her daughter, she decided to take matters into her own hands by taking several courses to specialize in women’s pelvic health through Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute.

Dr. Lydia had the opportunity to practice women’s pelvic health in addition to treating orthopedic and neurological conditions at a hospital based out-patient clinic in Western North Carolina before relocating with her family to Greer, S.C. She decided she wanted to focus her career on Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy, and thoroughly enjoys being a part of the Body Works family and serving the Upstate community! Her special interests are pregnancy/postpartum and pelvic pain. She also enjoys treating urinary leakage since this is unfortunately one of the main reasons women are admitted to nursing homes. Dr. Lydia has a passion for providing individualized one-on-one patient care to help women achieve their personal goals so they can participate in the activities that are most meaningful to them. 

Dr. Lydia was born in England and raised in Wales until she was 12 years old before relocating to the U.S. Dr. Lydia and her fiance have a 3 year old girl named Ella Sophia that they absolutely adore, especially since they didn’t think they could have children – what a blessing! She loves the outdoors, traveling with her family, dancing, enjoys staying active, and she is a cat lover!

Dr. Yvonne Ferrufino, PT, DPT 

Yvonne was born and raised in Sugar Land, TX where she grew up dancing competitively. Yvonne loved dancing so much that she went to college for it, and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in dance! With her father’s advice, she also began taking the prerequisite classes for Physical Therapy. After undergrad, she took a year to perform, finish her prerequisite courses, work as a spin instructor, and get her foot into the rehabilitation world as a rehab tech at a local neurological rehab center. The following fall, she was accepted to The University of St. Augustine Health Sciences Doctor of Physical Therapy program in Austin, TX.

Yvonne always knew she wanted to specialize in something and found her niche in pelvic health during her orthopedic internship with Northwestern in IL. As a dancer, Yvonne experienced significant pelvic health dysfunction from a very young age and didn’t even know about it! When Yvonne was pregnant with her first child, she experienced multiple complications caused by chronic abdominal and pelvic musculoskeletal restrictions leading to a very long and difficult first labor and birth. Since then, her primary goal as a Pelvic Health Physical Therapist has been to advocate for early education, promote pelvic health physical therapy for mother’s-to-be as well as all postpartum mothers, whether it’s their first for fifthteenth postpartum recovery. Yvonne believes that knowledge is power and educating is her passion!

Yvonne now lives with her husband, daughter, two dogs and a cat in Greenville, SC where they enjoy spending time on all the mountains they can find!



Samantha Mills, Patient Services Coordinator


As a patient care coordinator with extensive experience in customer service and working in a prominent healthcare system in Los Angeles, patient care and satisfaction is most important to me. I strive to ensure patients are heard and that they feel comfortable and valued, whether they are speaking to me on the phone or in person. I always want the patients I communicate with to receive the same treatment and care that I would expect my family to receive.

My unique background combines thorough knowledge and compassion to deliver the highest standard of care. My prior experience working in psychiatry for 4 years and surgery for just over 3 years instilled into me patience, understanding and the ability to listen intently and guide patients accordingly on their path of care. I have enjoyed learning about pelvic floor physical therapy and take pride in helping our patients in their pelvic health journeys.