Clinical Pilates

 Clinical Pilates – The best way feel accomplished, confidently, and feel Strong as a Mother!

Begin Your Path to Feeling Amazing in Two Simple Steps!

Step ONE:

Complete your QuickStart Program that includes:

    • 8 Semi-Private Sessions
    • No more than 3 people per session
    • Foundational Exercises
    • Safety on the Reformer
    • Individualized attention

Step TWO:

Progress to Intermediate sessions and beyond!

    • Advance as you become stronger, flexible, and more confident!
    • At least 2 sessions per week is recommended for optimal results.

At Body Works Clinical Pilates, you will…


Feel stronger and more confident in your body


Have personalized time to focus solely on YOU and your health


Increase your energy levels to complete the tasks and hobbies important to you


Achieve better overall health to be your optimal self


Have individualized attention to ensure you are performing exercises safely and effectively


Be as Strong as a Mother!

Clinical Pilates is a safe and fun method of exercise that focuses on intentional movements and full-body awareness.

Our Quick Start Program and Semi-Private Sessions are focused entirely on YOU!

These low impact, instruction based sessions prepare you to be well-versed on the reformer, always building on each session to move and be your best self.

What you will gain once you’ve started your journey:

✔ Confidence
✔ Energy
✔ Strength and endurance
✔ Flexibility
✔ Improved health

and much more

"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you'll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body".

– Joseph Pilates

QuickStart Pilates

  • Your customized program specific to your needs.
  • Takes into consideration any previous conditions to develop an individualized program.
  • Sets the foundation to be confident on the Reformer.
  • Progress into Intermediate semi-private sessions to meet your needs and exceed your goals!

Semi-Private Sessions

Have you completed Steps 1 & 2 or are you a current member?

  • Up to 3 students per session.
  • Individualized program based on your needs.
  • Improve your confidenceendurance, and strength!
  • This program is all about you!

One Foundations & One Level 1 Semi Private Session


Excellent For Anyone!


New to Pilates and want to try it out?


Foundations sessions to learn the basics and foundational exercises


Semi-Private session to put the foundations into action.


Get full body, low impact workouts while gaining the many benefits of Pilates.

One Foundations & Five Level 1 Semi Private Sessions


Most Popular Course!


Ready to jump in?! The QuickStart Bundle is for you!


Individualized Program Developed for your Needs and Goals


Foundations sessions to learn the basics and foundational exercises


Semi-Private sessions to put the foundations into action.


Get full body, low impact workouts while gaining the many benefits of Pilates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a method of exercise designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body by lengthening and firming muscles, therefore assisting the body during day-to-day activities. The focus is based on posture, core stability, balance, control, strength, flexibility, and breathing. It is used in conjunction with physical therapy as a means of treating a variety of injuries (back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle pain).

How does the equipment work?

The Pilates reformer is made up of a rectangular platform with a carriage, springs, ropes and a modern hydraulics mechanism to create resistance against movement. The moving carriage works with interchangeable resistance so it is possible to increase and decrease the level of difficulty with each exercise.

Is it for me?

Pilates is for everyone, whether you are rehabilitating an injury or interested in improving the way you look, feel and move. Pilates will benefit those who have never exercised before as well as those who always have and always will.

What should I bring?

As you will be working up a sweat in our classes, we recommend all of our clients wear suitable gym attire, as well as bringing a towel and water bottle. We also require attendees to wear socks and do have some available for purchase if you forget yours!

How many are in the class?

Our classes are kept between 3-4 people to ensure close attention by our Clinical Pilates Specialists.

How often do I need to attend?

For optimal results, plan to attend at least two semi-private sessions each week.