Real Time Ultrasound

New Assessment Tool to Help Women be Strong, Fit, and Pain-free!

Have you been told to “do Kegel’s”, but aren’t seeing results? Rather than guessing, pelvic floor physical therapy in conjunction with Real Time Ultrasound (RTUS) takes out the guesswork allowing you to actually see and feel if you’re doing the proper movement during movement or at rest.

Ultrasound for pelvic floor dysfunction has arrived in The Upstate!

Real Time Results

No longer guess if you’re working the right muscles! Watch and feel your muscles contract and relax on the screen while you are provided with instruction from our skilled pelvic floor physical therapists.

Why is this important?

  • Retrain the key muscles for continence, spine stability, sexual function, pain prevention, and daily function
  • Enhance mind-body connection to speed up your progress
  • Gain confidence knowing you’re doing the correct movements to make progress toward your goals. Knowing exactly how to do these movements makes it easier for you to progress to your ultimate goal and feel as Strong as a Mother!

Control Your Symptoms

Quick flicks help to control leaking with sneezing, coughing, laughing, or any activity!

Life Changing Results

Strengthen & relax the muscles to eliminate incontinence, pain with sexual activity, & more!


Challenge Your Deep Core

Excellent for healing diastasis recti, improving back pain, and building core strength!

The Cause

A thorough history, pelvic floor physical therapy examination, and special tests will be performed to develop a specialized plan to resolve your symptoms.

Your Symptoms

Address the root cause of your symptoms and then control through education, lifestyle modifications, muscle retraining, and specialized interventions.

Your Health

Exceed your health, lifestyle, & performance goals through a personalized exercise program, and guided return to activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are you looking for when using real time ultrasound?

Your Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist will be assessing your pelvic floor, deep and superficial core muscles to see how well they contract and relax. By assessing these movements, we will be able to see what we need to work on, and you will be able to see your muscle movements on the screen to be able to adjust as needed.

Do I need to undress for this consultation?

You do not need to undress for your ultrasound unless your pelvic floor physical therapist discusses with you that another view would be beneficial.  Most imaging will be performed just below your waistline, at the side of or the middle of your abdomen.

How does real time ultrasound work?

Our real time ultrasound machine works as other offices you may go to for an ultrasound. We use this technology to assess the muscles and retrain them to provide the support and control you need to do your activities at optimum performance. Real time ultrasound is used in conjunction with your Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy program.

The Time is Start is Now!

Exercise without fear that you’re making your problem worse, laugh like you never have before, become the best version of yourself, and be as Strong as a Mother! You shouldn’t waste time trying to fix it yourself when you could get results that last a lifetime. At Body Works Women’s Health & Wellness, we specialize in Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy.  We will help you be more in tune with your body to prevent your problem from coming back. You’ll save time, save money, and feel great!

Schedule Your Consult Today!

  • want to exercise without having to worry about leaking and save money by preventing future procedures.
  • want to play and run around with your kids or grandchildren without being limited by back pain.
  • are ready to enjoy your relationships without worrying about pelvic pain.
  • are ready to take action and to solve your issues or avoid problems from arising in the future.


If this sounds like you and you’d like to see how your life can be changed, fill out our brief form to speak with one of our friendly team members and begin your Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy program.

Optimize Your Health & Wellness

Do you avoid certain activities so you don’t “make the problem worse”?

Your body is MADE TO MOVE! And it’s only meant to leak urine…well when you’re sitting on the toilet.

We can help you resolve those issues and get stronger, faster, and better! In fact, you’d be surprised there are things you can do that you’ve never done before. 

It’s time to stop putting a band-aid on your issues and get down to the root issue. With the help of our skilled practitioners, we’ll listen to your problems, establish your goals, and place you in one of our gold standard programs designed to get your optimal results and be as Strong as a Mother!