Body Works Women’s Health & Wellness utilizes current research to provide each patient with the most up-to-date and innovative treatment techniques. Our treatment sessions provide patients with specialized one-on-one care. Treatment plans may include any of the following, but all treatment plans are individually designed to each patient’s unique needs.

How We Help Women


We can address the root of your pain, teach your deep core how to engage, and help you achieve the lifestyle you desire.


We can help you gain control over your bladder and/or bowels instead of letting them control you.

We can help address the issues behind pain with sex and/or pelvic exams. It is not your fault, and we will listen.

Pelvic Support:
We can help reduce prolapse symptoms such as feelings of pressure, something falling out or heaviness so you can return to the activities you love.

How We Help Mothers


Birth Ready:
We can address issues during pregnancy, how to exercise, and help prepare you for whatever birth you hope to have.

Fit After Baby:
We can teach you how to re-engage your core safely and create a postpartum plan for the lifestyle you want.

Bridge the Gap:
Whether your pregnancy was recent or years ago, we can help you heal your abdominal separation and feel strong.

Real-Time Ultrasound

Used to retrain the key muscles for continence, spine stability, sexual function, pain prevention, and daily function. See your muscles move on the screen for better mind-body connection and quicker progression toward your goals!

Clinical Pilates


Quick Start Program:
This program will be one-on-one, teaching how to use the equipment safely and customizing your program specifically to your needs for safe progress.

 Small Group Sessions:
After the first three sessions, you will qualify for small group sessions. You will get individualized attention to allow you to progressively advance with confidence.