The Birth Ready Solution

Who is this program for?

  • Pregnant women
  • Wanting to prepare for labor and delivery
  • Improve postpartum outcomes
  • Stay active during pregnancy

What will this program help with?

  • Resource for you instead of Google
  • How to stay active throughout pregnancy
  • How to address issues if they arise

How does this program work?

  • Hands-on treatment or modalities as needed for mobility, stability, or pain
  • Exercise modification and prescription
  • Labor and delivery preparation
  • How to push education
  • Labor and delivery position recommendations
  • How to prepare for postpartum
  • Deep core activation and coordination
  • Real time ultrasound visual feedback

What does this program include?

  • In-person or telehealth PT treatment sessions (3)
  • Postpartum PT Evaluation
  • Birth Ready Course (online, self-paced)
  • Birth Ready Course Info Packet